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    Chris Black


    Chris Black, Standard Tech Class 1X auditor and C/S, passed away on the 14th of January 2022 whilst on a ventilator in a Canadian Hospital. Chris was one of my closest friends, advisor and a stable terminal in APIS.

    Chris helped hundreds of people with auditing and c/sing, PCs students (including myself) and was a stickler for scrupulously following LRH. He was a staunch Standard Tech person and did not brook any change to the technology and philosophy of LRH. Chris was one of the Founders of APIS and helped to create it. He remained a mainstay in APIS and a stable terminal for hundreds of people seeking advice and source references for many years.

    He was much loved by his wife and family as well as many many students, preclrears, friends and acquaintances. Chris will be sorely missed and it is our wish that he will go on to have new adventures and games and, knowing Chris, he will be back!


    Chris Black was a APIS Certified Spiritual Counselor with years of study and experience, as well as 20 years on staff pre-GAoT at the Church of Scientology. He lived and worked in the Toronto area.

    This entry is a historical account of Chris's experiences when working and or studying in the Church of Scientology and does not imply the delivery of any trademarked or copyright names services so listed.

    Chris Black was a APIS Certified Class IX Auditor and Class VIII Auditor & C/S with years of auditing and C/Sing experience, as well as 20 years on staff, pre-GAoT. He is currently an active field auditor and C/S in the Toronto area.

    Chris began in Scientology in 1976 in Los Angeles while visiting his brother. Training day and night at the new LA Org, he returned to Canada where shortly after his return he left university to begin full-time as a Scientologist and staff member. His first post was course supervisor. He then worked in Qual as a professional word-clearer and cramming officer.

    Chris's staff experience includes 20 years in Tech and Qual holding technical posts. He was a fully hatted Professional Word Clearer, Cramming Officer, Tech Sec, Qual Sec and course supervisor. He was also a trained evaluator (DSEC), Staff Status IV, and successfully raised stats on all posts he has held. He was the first (and only) executive to complete the WIAC (What Is a Course) program in Canada.

    In addition to achieving full Class VIII auditor status, with honors, he was one of the few Class VIII C/Ses (HSST) on the planet. Chris trained pre-GAoT (Golden Age of Tech) and was fully trained and interned as an auditor and a C/S on the following:

    Life Repair and Rehabilitation
    Pro TRs Clay Table Auditing
    Purification RD Delivery
    Lower Grades and Dianetics (NED)
    FPRD (False Purpose Rundown)
    KTL/LOC Auditing & C/Sing
    OT Setups and Debugs
    OT I - IV (including reviews/repairs)
    Many additional minor Rundowns

    He was a specialist in reviews and repairs, debugging cases, programming and C/Sing cases, and also resolves the BPC the CoS has created due to unjust or harsh ethics actions, over-regging, incorrect programming, C/Sing or auditing, wrong indications and evaluation. He also delivers Lower Grades, NED and OT setups, OT reviews and is an expert in the area of Clear, having debugged many stalled Clear cycles/cases that upper orgs and even RTC were unable to solve.

    Chris prided himself on his adherence to straight LRH tech, applying standard Scientology not only in practice, but in principle. He has blown the whistle on out-tech within the CoS as well as in the field. In fact, his KR on CoB regarding the technical degrade that was/is GAoT resulted in his being declared on trumped-up and false charges (being that it was a DM pet project and Chris showed how it was a technical degrade violating KSW as well as a host of other LRH references).

    LRH states in the tape "An Afternoon at St. Hill":

    "In order to make Scientology work, it is necessary to hold a standard and this standard must be held very relentlessly. And unless all the actions and all the various techniques applied can be held to a standard of rendition, then Scientology doesn't work; Scientology doesn't work if it's badly done."

    Chris's purposes were to help others reach their goals in Scientology, to rehab wins that may have been bypassed due to out-tech, and to help them regain their full capabilities through discovering who and what they really are. His intentions are to be effective in auditing, to produce beneficial results and to program and audit the pc in front of him, according to the Auditor's Code.

    "The various rules of the game are that it is a session, auditing is based on communication, and the PC in front of you is the PC you've got to audit. You can't audit the meter and get a Clear PC. Sooner or later, you have to face up to the fact you're auditing a PC." (From the tape "Fundamentals of Auditing")

    Chris's PCs and students, including those he helped while on staff, know him for his broad outlook on Scientology, his unselfish desire to help and to see them win in life, whether in relationships, on post or in business. Chris's purpose is LRH's purpose - the freeing of the being so as to make better choices and thus live a better life and play a better game.

    He will be sorely missed.

    Michael Moore

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