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    What IS the Original Workable Philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard you might ask?

    The Workable Philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard is a researched and developed method of improving and expanding the awareness of the individual and through the use of specific exercises enhances the individual's ability to improve his own life and spirituality.

    There are two aspects to the technology Ron developed. Training and Auditing (Auditing means: to listen). Training encompasses the information which Ron discovered about life which people were not previously aware and which, when applied, improves a person's ability and understanding of life.

    Auditing is that specific action designed to improve a persons ability in a particular area of his or her life or relieve the individual of the effects of past activities.

    So the Original Technology which Ron developed after thousands and thousands of hours of research and development is the technology which provides a predictable result for a specific action followed.

    This is also known as Standard Tech.

    Here is a quote from the Technical Dictionary of Scientology & Dianetics.

    STANDARD TECH, 1. a standardization of processes so that they apply to 100 per cent of the cases to which they are addressed. (Class VIII, No. 19) 2 . the accumulation of those exact processes which make a way between humanoid and OT, the exact method of organizing them, the exact method of delivering them, and the exact repair of any errors made on that route. (Class VIII, No. 2) 3 . that terribly narrow path which we now call standard tech is composed of those things which if they are out inhibit and prohibit all case gain. (Class VIII, No. 1) 4 . standard tech is not a process or a series of processes. It is following the rules of processing. (HCOB 26 Feb 70) 5 . that tech which has absolutely no arbitraries. (HCOB 23 Aug 68)

    Where can you get the Original Workable Philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard?

    The best place to look is to the Certified Auditors page.

    There you will find auditors and group who have been verified as practicing standard tech as per the definition above.

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