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    Southern California Tech Team

    Southern California Tech Team

    "The best auditing results are obtained from teamwork."
    "Let's face it.
    The auditor auditing alone will have case failures.
    He won't have time to pick them up.
    He won't be able to get them to Qual.
    After a while he will have losses and some failed cases that muddy up
    his neighborhood just as other professions get."

    "The answer, we have found out long since, is the group."

    "Auditing is a team activity."

    Quotes from: Dianetics and Results
    Dianetic Counseling Groups.
    HCOB 28 May 1969 Issue II

    Here is some information from the Southern California Tech Team

    "Our tech team consists of some of the most highly trained Auditors, C/Ses, OT Qual Consultants and Supervisors in the world. We have literally helped thousands of preclears up the OT levels successfully for over 20 years. We all held high tech posts in years past at different orgs that delivered the OT levels. Our OT Levels courses have been called the "Best in the World" by many people who have been around the tech for a long time." Many people have taken the following attitude:

    "Any way I can do the Bridge is better than the altered tech in the Church." Ron tells us that this is being too loose with the tech and denies the person their full gains.

    "So Where does Standard Tech begin? What is it? It is the accumulation of those exact processes which make a way between humanoid and OT. The exact method of organizing them, the exact method of delivering them, and the exact repair of any errors made on that route." So the net result of all of this is that when it is not standard he will have had some gain; it's not all bad, but he'll also have not achieved his full gain. And the difference between some gain and the difference between that and full gain, is the difference between wobbly-bobbly tech and very standard, precise tech."

    Quotes from:
    Class VIII TAPE 2
    25 September 1968

    "The width of tolerance on standard tech probably couldn't be measured with an engineering micrometer. It is absolutely exactly hair line. Now what do you have to do?
    What do you have to be, in order to run tech that close?
    You have to be the god damnedest most screaming expert you've ever heard of. You have to know all of the width and body of the Saint Hill course, the research line, all the books, because that enough was a pathway. That was a roadway. And then knowing all that you know the total boundaries. You know the total boundaries the tech can reach.
    Now, in through that data there is an absolutely hair line, little, tiny, knife edge pass.
    And you have to know all of that to have a grip on where the path is and exactly what you do."

    Quotes from:
    24 September 1968

    Doing OT Levels outside of the Church

    Some people are just reading the OT data and getting a bit of instruction.
    Some pcs are not getting C/Sed regularly - if at all.
    Many people are not properly unburdening the OT case and are are quickying these levels. Some are taking too long to complete and some are getting ill.
    People, at times, are getting trained by good auditors yet are not getting all the vital data needed because these auditors do not have the experience required as C/Ses or Cramming Officers to deliver the OT levels.
    Some people are being left with omitted data and misunderstoods on the level they're on.
    They are not being trained on a checksheet that includes standard checkouts and drilling.
    The training they did receive did not isolate and handle the main areas that have always bogged Solo Auditors on the OT levels and still do. The Southern California Tech Team further state

    "We all held high technical positions in years past at different orgs from all over the world that delivered the OT levels. From these positions as Auditors, C/Ses, Qual Consultants and Supervisors we observed the key points that stop a being on the OT levels. Our courses contain the key LRH references and hatting that gives the student an understanding of each OT level which never existed in the Church even in its best days.

    Because our team consists of specialists in OT correction we have built into each OT course the key errors that solo auditors have made and the handling of each of these.

    All training is done with top tech terminals and Everything on the course is 100% standard LRH.
    You solo audit on the course under the guidance of a Class VIII C/S and a Class VIII supervisor.

    When you are solo auditing:
    Your sessions are C/Sed daily. If anything comes up you can't handle there is an OT Consultant that helps you out.
    Our training makes you a better auditor, helps you unburden the OT case standardly and is a lot of fun to do."
    Here is a range of services offered by the Southern California Tech Team. This may not be all the servcies offered and one is advised to contact them if you are looking for a service not offered. >

    Auditor Training Courses

    Southern California Tech Team Communications Course
    HQS Course
    The Fundamentals of Auditing Course
    The Metering Course
    The Rudiments Course
    The Dianetics Course
    Primary Rundown (Student Hat Course & Method One auditing)

    Here are some Training Success Stories

    Additional Services

    Cramming (intensive study on weak areas of the philosophy and its application)

    Auditing Services

    Life Repair
    Solo Auditor's Course
    Clearing Course
    Upper level courses and auditing or counselling

    Additional Auditing Services

    Student Auditing/counselling
    (Dianetics and grade auditing/counselling done by our well-trained students at low rates)
    Dianetic & Grades Co-auditing
    Case Check (Case sort out)
    Operating thetan spiritual Case Repair

    Additional Services
    C/Sing for all levels exactly as per Lafayette Ron Hubbards Applied Philosophy also known as standard technology.

    Here are some Auditing Success Stories

    NOTE: All training and counselling is done strictly as per the instructions issued by Lafayette Ron Hubbard

    For further information Ccontact: scttservices@gmail.com directly.

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