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The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists is a non-profit association
dedicated to the promotion and practice of the original philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

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This site is operated by independent scientologists and is neither endorsed by, nor associated or affiliated with the corporate company
known as the Church of Spiritual Technology or its companies and churches such as the Religious Technology Centre,
Church of Scientology International, or any of its affiliates, corporations, management organisations and groups.

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    Any independent on source practitioner of Ron's technology can apply for membership and certification in APIS!

    All that is required is that they apply for membership and certification. Also that they FULLY AFFIRM they are on source and adhering to Ron's Source Materials in their application of the technology and are not mixing practices. That they are applying the HCO PL Keeping Scientology Working to the best of their ability and continally seek to improve and enhance their abilities in this direction. Reference: APIS Standards.

    Independent practitioners may apply for membership in APIS at: Memberships and for certification at: Certification Application.

    Here we list the:


    This list of auditors and groups here have been ratified and certified as delivering On Source Standard Technology.

    These Auditors and groups have requested and gone through an exacting certification process that validates their abilities and expertise. See Certification for further details.

    They have passed stringent testing by senior technically qualified people as per the certification process. Non certified and pending auditors, groups and organizations can be found on the auditors page. APIS offers no guarantee as to the quality of delivery of services with uncertified auditors.

    The following independent practitioners or field auditors are alphabetically categorized by country and region for your convenience

    All organizations are shown in Bold

    Groups, Organisations & Individual Auditors


    Region or State
    Tech Training Level
    Admin Training Level
    APIS Certified
    Scotland Can travel Kenneth Urquhart urq@verizon.net Class IV Advance
    Courses Specialist.
    Class IX
    To Be Advised Old-fashioned NOTs/Grades/Dianetics

    United States & Canada

    Region or State
    Tech Training Level
    Admin Training Level
    APIS Certified
    Canada Montreal Philippe D'Arcangeli philippedarcangeli@yahoo.ca Pro TRs Staff Status II, TTC I/C, Purif I/C, Pro TRs Book Auditing, Dianetics, Self-analysis, Objective Process and Dianetics 55. Six basics process, Rudiments
    USA Los Angeles, Cal Southern Cal Tech Team SCTT Contact Class VIII, NOTs To Be Advised Standard LRH Bridge
    Training, Auditing
    & C/Sing
    Specializing in OT and NOTs levels
    USA Los Angeles, Cal Trey Lotz trey@relaypoint.net Class VIII, NOTs To Be Advised Certified to deliver Standard LRH Bridge up to Clear and OT/TD>
    USA Los Angeles Cal Ian Waxler info@adcian@yahoo.com Class VIII C/S With Honors To Be Advised Auditing and C/Sing all old LRH Bridge
    USA Los Angeles Cal Wolfgang Keller wolfvondrachen@gmail.com Class VIII To Be Advised Certified to deliver Power & NOTs. Also delivers the Ls but not certified for them
    USA Western USA Greta Alexander alexanderthegreata@yahoo.com Class IX C/S To Be Advised C/Sing all LRHs Bridge including
    Solo NOTs
    Please note: The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists (APIS) receives no commercial interest direct or otherwise from any of the people listed above. APIS does not recommend any particular auditor listed and this list is provided on an informative basis only. Each individual is responsible for their own integrity and case.

    Also please note that this list does NOT include all those private individuals who have elected to support APIS by offering a donation and agreeing with the purposes and aims of APIS and do not wish to provide public details about themselves.

    To find out more about the process go to Certification Process
    Information on how to be certified can be obtained here.How to be Certified
    More about Technical Issues - Upper Levels Technical Issues
    For Certification Terms go to Certification Terms & Conditions
    The donations for certification are available here. Certification Donations
    To apply for Certification go to Certification Application.

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