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    There is much emphasis placed on the first dynamic tech, that tech of increasing the individuals spiritual awareness and abilities. And quite rightly so. It is the tech that Clears people and gets them up to speed being an OT. However it is true to say that in order to get people up the bridge, Third Dynamic Tech is needed. So what is Third Dynamic Tech?

    LRH States that, "The material contained in HCO BULLETINS applies to the FIRST DYNAMIC -- self, the individual."

    "The data, material and procedures contained in HCO POLICY LETTERS apply to the THIRD DYNAMIC -- the dynamic of groups."

    HCO PL 11 April 1970. Ron then goes on to say: "In applying HCOBs as in auditing a preclear, you see that following a certain procedure results in the remedy of a certain personal situation. In applying HCO Policy Letters, you see that by following or continuing certain Third Dynamic procedures you remedy, handle or continue certain situations which relate to groups. In both cases, SURVIVAL is the keynote of the end result."

    Any group, as an entity, requires a set of procedures to ensure it is operating as a unit and not individuating.

    As early as the 1950s in HCO Bulletin of Sept 21st 1958 2nd of Nov 1970 Ron points out that an "organisation is a number of terminals and communication lines united with a common purpose"

    So it can be seen that Third Dynamic Technology, in the form of Policy issued by LRH, is an essential part of scientology. This we know as Policy and LRH issued plenty of it!

    It is not 'something the church does" It is something that EVERY ORGANISATION of two or more people do. How they do it and what results they get is determined by how closely they follow the basic principles of third dynamic technology.

    The Organising Board, for example is based around the conditions of existance. It enables the various activities that the organisation does to all contribute to the end result. Valuable Final Products. LRH mentions that each individual has their own Organising Board.

    And, lastly, "A post in a Scientology organisation isn't a job. It's a trust and a crusade. We're free men and women - probably the last free men and women on Earth. Remember, we will have to come back to Earth some day no matter what "happens" to us. If we don't do a good job now we may never get another chance...." HCOB 21 Sept 1958 Theory of Scientology organisations - Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

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